Thursday, December 15, 2005



John M Matthan, who successfully dealt with the critical issue of terrorism with his directorial debut ‘SARFAROSH’ is now set to release his latest venture ‘SHIKHAR’. Unlike his debut, which had a concept of patriotism and terrorism prevailing in India, whereas this movie is entirely based on basic instinct of a human being to desire to reach at ‘Shikhar’ (zenith).
Shikhar revolves around the issue related to builders, landlords and their tenants who are being pressurized under the superior people of society. How far can greed take a man? This is the basic gist from which the story line is up-rooted. It’s an unusual story about the conflict between those who adhere strongly to traditional Indian values and a breed of young Indians that have sprung up, wanting to get rich fast by any means. The movie has a promising cast, starring Ajay Devgan (GG, Gaurav Gupta), Bipasha Basu (Natasha) and the ever-loving pair Shahid Kapur (Jaidev Vardhan) and Amrita Rao (Madhavi).

Ajay Devgan portrays the character of ‘Gaurav Gupta’ (GG), who is highly ambitious. GG, who started his career without a single penny in his pocket and sold his soul for wealth, whereas now he firmly believes that `money` can fuel his ambition. On other side, Shridhan Vardhan or Guruji (Jawed Sheikh) who is an industrial magnate and conceitedly believes that wealth means nothing if not utilized for the betterment of the society. He wants his wealth to be utilized for the upliftment for the tribals in the Sahyadris. In the tug-of-war between GG and Guruji, Jaidev Vardhan (Shahid kapur) the only son of Guruji falls in the trap schemed GG. Jaidev, who is a fresh graduate and a gullible person, GG exploits him by enticing him through super-model Natasha, sketched by sensual Bipasha Basu. While Madhavi (Amrita Rao), who genuinely loves Jaidev observes her love being carried away by the world of wealth, wine and women.


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