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Rajkumar Santoshi's Family is a movie entirely based on the battle between two families who moves in their different orbits; nothing binds them together. They don’t even know each other, but the families of Viren Sahai and Shekhar are entangled by fate. Instigated by tragedy and fuelled by revenge, both the families will come face to face, when an irrecoverable collision will spark an inferno, consuming and destroying everything that comes in the way. VIREN SAHAI’S FAMILY LIFE… “Can all the power on earth save the destiny of his family."

Family is the story of Viren Sahai (Amitabh Bachchan), suave, sophisticated and ruthless gangster, who has experienced the darker side of his life. He thinks that life is nothing beyond the power, success, wealth, and fear. Only thing he knows in his life is MONEY and POWER of valor and how to maximize. Later he realizes that if one doesn’t have family, you have nothing. Sharda (Shernaaz Patel), sweet and simple, she is an unlikely wife for the ambitious and ruthless Viren Sahai. She is a woman who feared that her family would have to pay for her husband's sins and now finds that the time has come. It is about the price she has to pay now, to protect her family. Part of her simplicity stems from her rigid sense of right and wrong and she will never forgive the guilty, even if it’s her own husband. Abhir (Sushant Singh), he’s Viren Sahai’s beloved son. He is a spoilt brat, egoistic, heartless, who will indulge himself in most heinous crimes, confident that his authoritative father is always there to protect him from legal proceedings. And when it comes to protecting his family, for him, family is not as important as his prime priorities SHEKHAR’S FAMILY LIFE… “Every family has a destiny”

Family is the story of Shekhar (Akshay Kumar), Simple, hard working and sentimental, his life is full of sparkling happiness. He didn't have much in life, but he ensures his responsibility towards his family to pays off all debts of his Family. His wife Dr. Kavita (Bhumika Chawla), dedicated and sincere towards her profession, but at the same time she has wacky sense of humour outside her clinic life. She loves Shekhar and his family and believes that family is not only about BLOOD TIES, but also more about LOVE TIES. On the other hand Aryan (Aryeman), unlike his elder brother he is over-pampered and runs to his elder brother as soon as he is caught in the clutter. He has one code word ‘KING’ which means he is in trouble.His strength is powered by the love and support of his family, which enables him to take revenge on the valor gangster.

On the whole this battle will create ‘hue n cry’ ignited between two families, which will also result lot of life loss and emotional trauma. … the body count will rise, blood ties will weaken, and faith will be shaken. But in the end … when everything seems to be lost and nothing remains to be won, in the end all that will matter is family… and just Family


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