Monday, November 14, 2005

Home Delivery

Home Delivery

Home Delivery is the story of how it takes just a single day to change a person's outlook on life forever. Sunny Malhotra [Vivek Oberoi] is a 28 year old writer who has carved a name for himself as a popular agony uncle, named Gyan Guru, writing for the Times of Hindustan. Sunny also managed to bag a prestigious screenplay-writing project for the most happening film director, Karan Johar. A bit of a cynic, he believes he is a self-made man and that whatever he has achieved in life is due to his own hard work and nobody else’s. His cynicism is extended to his views about marriage to his fiancée Jenny and to the festival of Diwali too. Just as Sunny is cynical about life, Michael Burnett [Bomen] is optimistic about it 51 year old Michael is a simple minded man, almost childlike and has recently landed a job as a pizza delivery boy at Mummy's Pizza......


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